fine photography for the daringly Romantic and Chic couple.

After years of waiting, searching, and hoping, you’ve finally found the one your soul loves. Now, it’s time to celebrate your dream love story with your dream wedding day! While wedding planning is full of to-do lists, my goal as your photographer is to lift a bit of the weight off your shoulders. With a booking process that eliminates decision fatigue, an experience that builds confidence, and a gallery delivery turnaround that will take your breath away, I can’t wait to bring you the wedding photography of your dreams, too. So, kick off your Jimmy Choos, refill your sweet tea, and let’s talk wedding photography!

behind the lens

I'm Perry Ann

For me, it is all about capturing those important moments for you to look back at your images and feel what transpired. I firmly believe that sophistication doesn’t have to be stiff, meaningful moments do not have to be planned and elegance really can feel effortless.

I’ve intentionally crafted a client experience that fosters open communication, creativity, and collaboration. I strive to clearly illuminate every step of our journey together by building trust in one another. Because I believe you deserve to see your story unfold before you by living in the moment and allowing me to capture it. I want you to look back and rather than seeing a portfolio of a wedding, I want you to FEEL your wedding every single time you look back. That means I have done my job.

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