Summer Birmingham Engagement Session | Kathryn & Jordan

August 20, 2021

Kathryn & Jordan blend so perfectly together when it comes to their personalities. I enjoy being around people who are ready to have fun & just enjoy the blessing of life we have been given. Kathryn & Jordan are certainly those people. Even better – they happen to really love each other!

I am so looking forward to capturing their special day next March at the Iron City Birmingham. I know just how gorgeous Birmingham is during the Spring months and am so ready to be celebrating with these two there. Thank you so much for taking some time to hang out and capture some pretty amazing photos. What incredible gems you are & am so excited for the next year!

When Kathryn & Jordan were looking for engagement session locations, they originally wanted to take them at Troy on the campus since it is where they met, but we decided to do it in the same city their wedding will be taking place. I knew without a doubt that downtown Birmingham was the perfect place for film and romance. We met on an overcast day, which only intensified the charm of the white walls and how it pulls the blue tones of the background. Kathryn chose the perfect hunter green dress, light enough to blow beautifully in the breeze and elegantly simple as a complement to the neutral tones of the federal building. But the real star of the show here? Love. I say this with sincerity. These moments are why I stay so excited about my work and I can’t wait to capture their wedding day in Birmingham come March!

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A letter from Perry Ann

Dear Bride to be...

When choosing your wedding photographer, take care in selecting someone you feel understands you - someone who will document all your most precious moments, stolen glances, laughter or tears in instances when people are so present they forget they’re being photographed. Find someone that speaks to you on both a personal & emotional level. This is so important because, when the vows are committed, the music is wrapping up, and the flowers have dried, what will still stay with you and last forever are your wedding images.

No matter whom you end up booking, I encourage you choose someone whose photos make you feel all of the smiles, tears, and celebrations their images capture.

Jaz & Will

"We will cherish our wedding pictures forever thanks to perry ann."

I cannot say enough great things about Perry Ann. She has become a friend for life! Her photographs are elegant, timeless, and simply stunning. In addition, not only are they beautiful to look at but they bring you back to the moments she captures. We will cherish our wedding pictures forever thanks to Perry Ann. 


"Her intentionality in making your dreams come to life through photography is unreal and like no other."

Perry Ann creates MAGIC. She is so kind, patient, & talented. Her work is so so special because she has an eye for the most intricate of details & the most breathtaking, captivating moments. Perry Ann gives it her all and then some. Her intentionality in making your dreams come to life through photography is unreal and like no other. I will be forever grateful that she photographed our engagement and wedding!


"She captured the pure joy of us walking up the aisle as husband and wife and it is my favorite photo from our day!."

Perry Ann not only captured the most beautiful pictures of my wedding day, but she also took the time to make my experience incredible. As a bride, there is so much to worry about and do on the big day, and she made photography one less thing for us to stress over. I knew I could trust her to capture all of the big and little moments without hesitation. She captured the pure joy of us walking down the aisle as husband and wife and it is my favorite photo from our day!