My Photographic Process and How to Be Yourself in Front of the Camera

October 11, 2021
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When I tell you that I absolutely despise being in front of the camera, I really do! I know it sounds odd for a photographer to say that, but there is a reason I am behind the camera, not in front of it. It’s not that I don’t trust the person behind the camera, it is just that feeling of having no control. Losing control over what I look like through the lens and giving someone else the power to make me look and feel either my best or my worst is terrifying. What if they get an ugly candid of me blinking? What if I hate every single photo? What if I don’t feel like myself in these pictures? Listen, it happens and I understand if you have those fears too! The great thing is that when you are with a professional photographer, you will see that you invested in someone that is genuine and will work with you to make you feel and look your best, making those nasty and invasive thoughts dissolve as your session begins.

Cherishing the Moment

I feel like in today’s world of wanting “the” Instagram picture, people lose out on the moment. Instead, they worry more about getting a specific photo they saw on Instagram. My goal with your session is to capture YOU. When you have a session with me, I go above and beyond to make images that represent you and the story you wish to share with the world. The secret to really capturing you is that I want you to be yourself in front of my camera. I need you to feel comfortable with me. I strive to help you get there because that is my job as a photographer. To help you feel the most comfortable in front of my camera, I am going to share more about my photographic process.  

My Photographic Process

Typically, the moment you book a session or wedding with me, I send you a questionnaire. The questionnaire includes personal questions, such as what your favorite TV show is, what song makes you jump up and down and gets you hyped, and so forth. I will also request that you send me photos of yourself that you love, as well as ones you don’t and why. This helps me prepare for what you like, who you are, and what you enjoy. It helps me know how to make you feel more at ease if you are not feeling like yourself. After all, that is what I would want my photographer to do for me.

About a week before your photoshoot, I will check in with you and see if you have any questions on your outfit, what you need to bring, or simply just pop in to let you know I am excited to take your photos and that we will have a blast! Even that small little check-in will make you feel more at ease.

When it is time for your session and we finally meet in person, I like to first talk and connect with you before we start. I have had mini-sessions with photographers before where they immediately started taking photos, and this made me feel odd and rigid. I began wondering if they even cared about me or why I was with them in the first place. That extra 5-10 minutes of just being kind and really connecting with you and asking about your day, talking about what your goal with our shoot is, or what you are planning to eat after the shoot helps ease any nervousness.  

As we begin, I like to clarify that your first 15 minutes of photos will absolutely feel awkward and odd, and that is totally normal. We both need that time to figure each other out! I will immediately notice if you don’t like to feel too posed, or if you need more direction and guidance on where to place your hands. I like to see what you are comfortable with and what you are not because I want you to feel like you. So yes, you might feel odd at first, but it is my job to cater to your needs. Sometimes if clients are still rigid and nervous, I will play their favorite song, put my camera down, and we can just sing our hearts out! That really helps people!

I make sure to always make my clients feel like they can be themselves around me because I want to capture the authentic you. I don’t want you to look like every other session I do. So, if you want to jam out to Taylor Swift with your boo and be in your own little world, that is great! If you like me to physically place your hands and move you exactly where I want you, that is totally fine, too! It is okay to have that open communication of what you are most comfortable with. It helps me do the best job I can do for you.

Booking Your Session with Perry Ann Photography

It is my goal to make you feel at ease so that you can show up in a unique way and just be yourself in front of the camera. If you are ready to dive right in and book your photoshoot today, do not hesitate to contact me! You can also send me an email at, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to hear from you!

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