Playful Family Session in Montgomery, AL

November 28, 2022

When Alexandra reached out to me about having a family session was struck immediately with excitement because this would be the first family session with Bud & Ann Pelham joining! But I never could have guessed how picture-perfect Alexandra and Bud’s little ones be in front of the camera! Alexandra told me they really just wanted some pictures that would make her heart sing, and you know that’s something I always gravitate towards! But what is most incredible about this family is the undeniable love they have for each other. So, as we prepared for their Montgomery Museum family session, I grew more excited by the day to spend time with them and document their sweet little family.

Alexandra is the most amazing mom. The first time I met her, I knew she was a wonder woman because of her kindness, her mile-wide smile the second you hug her, and her hilarious bribing skills to get her kids to show a pretty smile. I knew the perfect place to let her babies run around was at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. I actually came here as a kid with my grandmother and childhood friend to see the ducks & geese, luckily no one was chased this time!

As we took their family photos, bribing Ann Pelham and Charlie with skittles and lollipops, Alexandra and Bud mentioned they were excitedly looking forward to the candid shots in their photos. Boy, did we ever capture exactly that! I told everyone to just have fun, enjoy themselves and play tag. Kids aren’t supposed to sit still and smile at the camera the entire time. They are meant to have some fun! When it comes to family sessions, the most important thing I can do as your photographer is create the images of your dreams that bring your personalities to life, so delivering on these wishes is so rewarding!

But let’s be honest: how could the images be anything less than playful with a group like this one in front of the lens? Whether these images become the Christmas card on the fridges of their loved ones or just the art decorating their home, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to capture the Smith family during a fun-filled Montgomery, Alabama engagement session.

Happy Holidays you four! I hope the rest of your Christmas season is effortless and filled with joy!

Are you looking to take family photos of your own? Let’s chat about how we can fill a gallery with family photos you’ll treasure!

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Tyler & brice

she is extremely professional and will go out of her way to fix anything that she has the ability to fix.

Perry Ann is not only an amazing photographer but she truly seeks out friendships from her clients. She gives it her all and then some. Her intentionality in making your dreams come to life through photography is unreal and like no other. She is extremely professional and will go out of her way to fix anything that she has the ability to fix. I will be forever grateful that she photographed our engagement and wedding!

Catherine & Grayson

"perry ann is the best and i would book her a million times over."

Perry Ann did such an amazing job. She makes you feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire process. She was very organized which made engagement pictures and wedding day go so smoothly. Perry Ann is the best and I would book her a million times over. I literally show off my pictures to everyone and it’s a joy to be able to look back on those precious memories. She captures it all! 

Chelsea & Trey

"she puts her whole heart into each client & you can see it so easily in her work."

Perry Ann creates MAGIC. So kind, patient, & talented!! Her work is so so special. She has an eye for the most intricate of details & the most breathtaking/captivating moments. She is so easy & fun to work with. My family has used her multiple times & every.single.time. we LOVE our pictures. I would recommend Perry Ann to anyone looking for a photographer. She puts her whole heart into each client & you can see it so easily in her work. PS, she’s also the best hype woman ever!!

Kira & Geoff

"our gallery not only reflected who we were as a couple, but also gave us a gift of reliving our wedding day."

I had the pleasure of having Perry Ann photograph my wedding earlier this year and I was BLOWN away by the gallery . I felt so beautiful in each of my photos, and that they not only reflected who we were as a couple, but also gave us a gift of reliving our wedding day. She is a true artist, professional, and incredible at her craft. Highly recommend working with her if you're seeking a photographer - you won't regret it!