I think of my images as the puzzle pieces of an unfolding story happening in front of me. They’re little moments that capture the honesty and pure emotion of a wedding day, focusing subtlety on candid and vivid feelings, no shot list or preconceived notion of how it will look. What you’ll find in my work are natural interactions, stolen glances, laughter or tears in instances when people are so present they forget they’re being photographed.

My intention every time I have a camera in my hand is to document real smiles, sincere expressions, unprompted emotions. I feel that is what gives my photographs the candid simplicity they’re known for.

It’s a privilege to create images that loved ones will keep forever and above anything and everything else, I want them to look at their photographs and remember, even decades down the line, the joy and love they felt on that day. I want to create photographs that bring pure joy to you and your loved ones.

"It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera ... they are made with the eye, heart, and head." - HENRi cartier-bresson


"even though my photography roots grew from something painful, the joy photography has brought into my life is something I’ll be forever grateful for."

I've lived with a camera within arm’s reach for as long as I can remember. That spin of a disposable camera wheel was the soundtrack of my childhood. Well, that and Taylor Swift...who actually inspired me to get my first digital camera when she did a commercial for the Sony TX7 Cybershot! But even though Taylor Swift’s hilariously awkward camera clicking inspired teenage me to invest in a camera, my passion for moments-turned-mementos runs far deeper.

When I was very young, my mom passed away. And just two years later -- on Mother’s Day of all days -- my grandparent’s house, my home, burned to the ground. Before I learned basic addition, I learned what it felt like to lose, to miss, to grieve. When I saved a tile from our home just because my mother had once walked on it -- a tile I still have to this day -- I grasped in my own childlike way why keepsakes matter. Although life is fragile and moments are fleeting, we can catch onto them by creating heirlooms. And when I found a photo of my mom in her wedding dress, a fire inside me started to burn. I knew I needed to turn blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments into something that lasts. And I knew I could do that through photography.

Summers in hawaii

My baby, lilo

My husband, brady

my mother's heirloom
wedding album

But even though my photography roots grew from something painful, the joy photography has brought into my life is something I’ll be forever grateful for. My childhood passion stayed with me through college as I graduated with a degree in Photography and Fine Art. The more I learned, the more I loved it. And today, with a camera in one hand and a Chick-fil-a frosted lemonade in the other, I use everything I’ve learned -- everything I love -- to create breathtaking galleries that tell the story of the day you say, “I do.” By carefully capturing dynamic movement and delicate details, I tell the whole story so it can be relived for decades to come. And, like the zesty little lemon in your sweet tea, I bring an upbeat enthusiasm to your planning process and to your wedding celebration. 

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