Whew! That got real! But even though my photography roots grew from something painful, the joy photography has brought into my life is something I’ll be forever grateful for. My childhood passion stayed with me through college as I graduated with a degree in Photography and Fine Art. The more I learned, the more I loved it. And today, with a camera in one hand and a Chick-fil-a frosted lemonade in the other, I use everything I’ve learned -- everything I love -- to create breathtaking galleries that tell the story of the day you say, “I do.” By carefully capturing dynamic movement and delicate details, I tell the whole story so it can be relived for decades to come. And, like the zesty little lemon in your sweet tea, I bring an upbeat enthusiasm to your planning process and to your wedding celebration! 

When I’m not telling love stories with my camera, I’m probably dabbling with watercolors just for fun, baking a new recipe (did you know I used to take cake decorating classes?!), or snuggling up with my boyfriend and my dog for a Mean Girls rewatch. Or some Real Housewives. Yep, we absolutely can trade reality TV opinions while we daydream about your wedding day on your consultation call!

"even though my photography roots grew from something painful, the joy photography has brought into my life is something I’ll be forever grateful for."

Swift’s hilariously awkward camera clicking inspired teenage me to invest in a camera, my passion for moments-turned-mementos runs far deeper. 

When I was very young, my mom passed away. And just two years later -- on Mother’s Day of all days -- my grandparent’s house, my home, burned to the ground. Before I learned basic addition, I learned what it felt like to lose, to miss, to grieve. When I saved a tile from our home just because my mother had once walked on it -- a tile I still have to this day -- I grasped in my own childlike way why keepsakes matter. Although life is fragile and moments are fleeting, we can catch onto them by creating heirlooms. And when I found a photo of my mom in her wedding dress, a fire inside me started to burn. I knew I needed to turn blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments into something that lasts. And I knew I could do that through photography.

ve lived with a camera within arm’s reach for as long as I can remember. That spin of a disposable camera wheel was the soundtrack of my childhood. Well, that and Taylor Swift...who actually inspired me to get my first digital camera when she did a commercial for the Sony TX7 Cybershot! But even though Taylor


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Perry Ann came recommended by other vendors, and we desperately sought a meeting with her to see if we could book her. The moment I met her I loved her as a person, and as an artist. She talks less about herself than her couples, and she gets excited when she's able to perfectly capture the emotion of a moment for the moment's sake, not about what it'll do for her portfolio. I think she is wonderful, and my husband, my family, and my wedding party LOVED her (which I think is important when they have to listen to her directions in order to get the formal shots after the ceremony)

Perry Ann gave us time to stop, think, and feel everything going on around us.



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The heirloom wedding album that was my


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As technology in general has improved, so has the technology we use as photographers. But sometimes, it takes a step back in time to achieve that elegant, nostalgic look you love. You may have noticed more photographers are rediscovering the art of film photography, and when you’ve spent time looking through their galleries, it’s not hard to see why. From the distinctive film grain to the soft tones, the look of film brings a tranquility and timelessness I just can’t get enough of! But, for me, it’s the challenge of film that makes it so much fun. Film requires skill and a whole lot of patience. While studying photography in college, I spent hours playing with camera settings and lurking in dark rooms while film developed. I studied light, composition, and color. I learned to trust myself and the choices I made, even without the reassurance of a screen on the camera. And now, I’m so pleased to bring the loveliness of film photography to couples like you on your wedding day.




I just opened a custom pet watercolor portrait shop!! 
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